How do I Repair, Reinstall and Downgrade Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is a default web browser for Windows. It is oldest web browser still using by several users. So much of internet activities are carried out on it, fairly there will be some technical issues in some cases. You may have to repair, reinstall and downgrade your Internet Explorer due to several reasons. Take a look at few of methods to repair, reinstall and downgrade IE.

It is always good idea to download and install new version of any software that is available, because it would offer more features. It is good idea to get internet explorer support and install IE latest version due to its security and protect you and your computer when you are online.

Reset Internet Explorer

Start IE

Click on Tools and then click on Internet Options

Click on Advanced Tab and click on Reset button

Click on Reset again to confirm in Reset Internet explorer Settings dialog box.

Repair Internet Explorer

Remove Toolbars

Many toolbars can cause IE performance issues. Removing of unwanted toolbars can reduce causes to crash IE. Click Tools Menu -> Manage add-ons and Select Toolbars and Extensions ->Select a toolbar you want to delete -> click on Disable.

Remove Viruses

Download and install a free virus scanner to remove viruses. A list of free programs to scan for viruses on your computer that may causing problems in IE includes Malwarebytes, Spybot, Adwcleaner and Lavasoft Adware.

Reboot your computer into Safe mode

Rebooting of a computer in a safe mode will allow software to detect more viruses. To reboot your computer press F8 key repeatedly. Run Scan to find and remove any infected entries (If there is any option like Deep Scan or Full Scan or Quick Scan run it). Reboot your computer after running all scans and removing infected files.

Reinstall Internet Explorer

If above solutions not fixed your issue, reinstalling of IE may solve your problem.

Reinstall Windows

If nothing is fixing your IE problem, reinstall of Windows may solve your issue. Reinstallation of Windows will cause data loss so make sure to backup your data. Insert installation disk and start installation process & better to get technical support

Downgrade Internet Explorer from latest version to older version

Open Control Panel ->Programs ->Programs and Features

Open Click On Updates and Search for Internet Explorer

Right Click on IE and uninstall it

Not only this we also have solutions for other IE issues as well. You can call our toll free number. We not only guide you step by step instructions but also take remote access of your computer to make troubleshooting process easier for you.